Gourmet breakfast wraps

Gourmet Breakfast Wraps

£6.95 per person

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In need of a comfort food pick-me-up? This package will have your engine running again in no time at all!

These breakfast tortilla wraps are filled with some yummy & satisfying goodness to get you on your way for the day!

Why not add a fresh raw juice to give that extra-added boost of energy!

Served warm:

  • Baked eggs, spinach & feta in a flour tortilla wrap (veg, d, g, n/f)
  • Falafel, avocado with beetroot hummus in a flour tortilla wrap (v, g, d/f, n/f)
  • Grilled bacon, baked eggs & spinach in a flour tortilla wrap (contains pork, d, g, n/f)

Add ons: extra 50p (please specify when ordering)!

  • sprouted alfalfa (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • extra baked egg (veg, g/f, d, n/f)
  • extra avocado (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)

Gluten free wraps available @ 50p (please specify when ordering)!

Fresh Raw Juices £4 each 300ml (please specify when ordering)!

  • Apple, carrot, beetroot & ginger (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • Spinach, sweet red pepper & pineapple (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • Spinach, apple, cucumber & lime (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)

(v= vegan, veg= vegetarian, d/f= dairy free, g/f= gluten free, n/f= nut free, d= contains dairy, g= contains gluten, n= contains nuts)



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Lunch, Meeting

Type of Cuisine

Asian, British, Chinese


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