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Carnival canapé Christmas package

£14.95 per person

OK we couldn’t help but put a spin on Christmas…. lets be honest thats what we’re known here for at King’s Kitchen!

Want something a little different to spice up the office Christmas do this year, well we’ve the perfect package for you. Choice selected Caribbean inspired Christmas canapés with some great add ons to take your party to the next level! 

Gourmet Christmas wraps & drinks

£14.95 per person

Can’t decide…? Well why not have it all go on its Christmas after all!!!

This festive spread will please the masses at this years office party, a selection of gourmet assorted wraps, accompanied with a glass of crisp Prosecco wine, what more could you ask for!!!

The King’s Traditional Christmas menu

£19.95 per person

It’s that time of the year again…YES Christmas we hear you say. Now here at King’s Kitchen we’re known for breaking with convention and trying something new on special occasions, but sometimes only classic dishes will do when it comes to Christmas.

We’ve put together a menu of our favourite traditional festive recipes for your tastebud extravaganza. This menu is served hot buffet only. A great treat for the end of year office Christmas party.