New Menu: The Royal Wedding Summer Salad!

It may not feel like it at the moment but summer is approaching.

You know what else is approaching?

The Royal Wedding.

We think our invitations got lost in the mail but that’s done little to stop us from celebrating with our good friends Harry and Meghan by creating a brand new menu in their honour!

Its name? The Royal Wedding Summer Salad Collection.

‘His royal highness super salad’
Pearl barley, honey balsamic roasted carrots, pickled shallots, shaved radish, cranberries, pomegranates, chickpeas & fresh tarragon with a drizzle of sherry balsamic vinaigrette (v, d/f, n/f, g)
‘Her Royal Highness super salad’
A delightful medley of vine tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, red cabbage, shallots, chopped mint, torn basil leaves with a drizzle of sherry balsamic vinaigrette
(v, d, n/f, g/f)
‘The royal salad’
Shredded citrus chicken & apricot salad with pickled shallots, mixed leaves, avocados, sun blushed tomatoes & toasted pine nuts (halal, d/f, g/f, n)
‘The main event’
Smoked salmon & herb filled cucumber towers
(contains fish, d/f, n/f, g/f)
‘The summer cooler’
Watermelon, feta & mint salad
A cool fresh light muddle of juicy sweet watermelon & salty feta cheese garnish with fresh mint

Fit for a prince because it’s made by the King.

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