New Year? New Food!

As we venture further into the New Year we think it’s time to celebrate the spirit of “newness” by showcasing some a little more of what we have to offer here at the Kitchen.

Yet to visit the Mediterranean?

You’re in luck…because we can bring the Mediterranean to you!

On the menu?

  • Moroccan spiced grilled chicken breast with green olives and capers (halal, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • Sauteed vegetable medley (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • Quinoa medley garnished with apricots, sun ripened tomatoes & honey baked aubergine (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)


  • Grilled halloumi, tomato and fig salad (veg, g/f, d, n/f)
  • Mediterranean falafel super salad (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • Humous & avocado dip topped with crispy caramelised chickpeas & harrisa drizzle (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)

Looks delicious, right?


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