Flavour Of The Month!

It’s February!

How we’re celebrating the arrival of the new month? By introducing a new special named ‘Flavour of the Month.’

Diversity is the name of our game and variety most certainly spices up our lives so we’ve decided to showcase all we have to offer by dedicating a special dish to each month of the year.

As February marks the start of Carnival season around the world we’ve dedicated this month to food from the beautiful island of Trinidad.

On the buffet style menu?

Macaroni pie
Pelau rice
Channa & potatoes with tamarind sauce
Zesty cucumber chow
We take pride in the wide array of meals we offer and the fact that we are the leading caterers in authentic Afro Caribbean cuisine in London.
Put simply, we really care about food and strive to ensure that you love it just as much as we do.
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