Introducing…. The Jollof & Jerk Experience

It’s finally here!

We recently announced plans to welcome a deliciously exciting new package to the party and today, we’re elated to reveal that it is now available to order.

Its name? ‘The Jollof & Jerk Experience.’

So, just what you can expect from this flavoursome meal?

  • 1/4 Jerk chicken served with a side traditional Jollof rice (halal, d/f, g/f, n/f)


  • Grilled red snapper fillet in a spicy herb sauce served with a side of traditional Jollof rice (contains fish, d/f, g/f, n/f)


  • Black eye beans with sweet potatoes in a spicy tomato & herb stew served with traditional Jollof rice (v, d/f, g/f, n/f)
  • Nigerian bean salad
    A medley of fresh Savoy cabbage, cucumber, green beans, shredded carrot, hard boiled eggs, garnished with spicy mixed beans & pink shallots (veg, d/f, g/f, n/f)


  • Traditional Nigerian Hot pepper sauce…The perfect compliment for Jollof & jerk!

A blend of scotch bonnet peppers, garlic, tomatoes & our special blend of herbs & Nigerian spices (v, d/f, g/f, n/f)

v= vegan, veg= vegetarian, d/f= dairy free, g/f= gluten free, n/f= nut free, d= contains dairy, g= contains gluten, n= contains nuts 

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