Breakfast Is On Us…Well Kind Of

Here at King’s Kitchen we’re determined to ensure that your entire day is delicious!

So, we also offer breakfast packages cooked up to make sure you start your day the right way.

It’s true.

What’s on the menu?

Served warm:

  • Baked eggs, spinach & feta in a flour tortilla wrap (veg, d, g, n/f)
  • Falafel, avocado with beetroot hummus in a flour tortilla wrap (v, g, d/f, n/f)
  • Grilled bacon, baked eggs & spinach in a flour tortilla wrap (contains pork, d, g, n/f)

Add ons: extra 50p (please specify when ordering)!

  • sprouted alfalfa (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • extra baked egg (veg, g/f, d, n/f)
  • extra avocado (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)

Gluten free wraps available @ 50p (please specify when ordering)!

Fresh Raw Juices £4 each 300ml (please specify when ordering)!

  • Apple, carrot, beetroot & ginger (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • Spinach, sweet red pepper & pineapple (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • Spinach, apple, cucumber & lime (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)

(v= vegan, veg= vegetarian, d/f= dairy free, g/f= gluten free, n/f= nut free, d= contains dairy, g= contains gluten, n= contains nuts)

Ready to chow down?

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