Taste The Mediterranean…In London

You don’t have to leap on plane to enjoy foods inspired by other cultures.

Here at King’s Kitchen, we’re determined to ensure that your taste buds are treated to the very best of what the word has to offer.

What this desire churned out? Our ‘Taste of the Mediterranean’ box!

This  delicious package includes:

  • Moroccan spiced grilled chicken breast with green olives and capers (halal, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • Sauteed vegetable medley (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • Quinoa medley garnished with apricots, sun ripened tomatoes & honey baked aubergine (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)


  • Grilled halloumi, tomato and fig salad (veg, g/f, d, n/f)
  • Mediterranean falafel super salad (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)
  • Humous & avocado dip topped with crispy caramelised chickpeas & harrisa drizzle (v, g/f, d/f, n/f)

v= vegan, veg= vegetarian, d/f= dairy free, g/f= gluten free, n/ f= nut free, d= contains dairy, g= contains gluten, n= contains nuts)

Ready to introduce your team to all it has to offer for £8.50 a head?

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