Washing Veggies? Let’s Talk About It

While washing your fruit have you ever noticed a waxy layer of film covering it?

Ever washing veg and find that the water seems to trickle off the surface without permeating it?

Don’t worry, you’re not seeing things.

As mass consumers of food products in our Western society we unfortunately find ourselves consuming the pitfalls of mass production. Pesticides, insecticides & ripening chemicals are sprayed onto our favourite foods to help them reach us in “perfect condition”.

Those bananas you purchased from Colombia at the supermarket last week were probably picked up  7 weeks ago and were introduced to a chemically induced timed hormone which is released just in time for you to buy them ripe. Think about that for a second.

These chemicals cannot be doing us any good as consumers, so we did a little research & have found a great plant based product that helps rid of these harmful toxins sprayed on our foods.

This is 100% plant based with no artificial chemicals present. Spray some of this as per instructions on the bottle onto your fruit or veg, leave to soak in water for up to 2 mins & watch magic happen.

We couldn’t believe our eyes after using this on some of our organic tomatoes & red cabbage. It removed the unsightly layer of wax covering our produce and left unbelievable residue in the water we’d soaked it in.


Try it for yourself and see if it works for you.

Where you can pick it up from?

That’s easy! You can order online or get it from your local health food shop for an affordable price which is not only good for your pocket but good for your health.

This most certainly gets the King’s Kitchen seal of approval.

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