The King Connection: What We Do?

Shh! Who sent you?

Oh…I see.

Yes, yes you’ve come to the right place. You’re sure no one followed you? Perfect. So, you want to know what we do…here…in the Kitchen.

You’d like to know all of our deepest, darkest and delicious secrets.

Step into our office.

King’s Kitchen offers our clients fresh and exciting food to order, straight to your office/event.

Whether you require breakfast, lunch or dinner, we offer fantastic meals for all occasions.

Our specialities?

•   Office and Business Lunch Deliveries
•   Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Events
•   Corporate & Event catering
•   Team building events

We offer a fusion & bring excitement to popular British cuisines and curate Menu’s inspired by London’s diverse food culture.

Our delicious dishes are prepared fresh by our enthusiastic and adept chefs based locally in the Park Royal Business Park NW10 & are delivered to you at a dangerously divine controlled temperature.

There’s more.

• We build close relationships with each of our customers so that we can understand your specific requirements at each stage.

• We specialise in building meal plans which simply means you can order over longer periods of time with a variety of packages to suit your needs.

• Our ETHOS simply captures the basic essence that food = l❤️

So, now you know what we do here…in the Kitchen.

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